Governance Risk Compliance Automation Simplified

CMLgroup Governance Risk Compliance as a Service (GRCaaS) has all the tools to build an efficient, collaborative enterprise IT-GRC program within your organization. Manage risk, demonstrate compliance, automate business processes, and gain visibility into corporate risk and security controls.

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A Better Scalable Process

A turnkey enterprise IT-GRC Solution ready for your organization, no matter what size.

Faster Deployment

Tailored IT-GRC solutions fully configured and deployed in weeks instead of months or years.

Ease IT Burdens

CMLgroup GRCaaS lives in the cloud so you don't have to worry about installation or maintenance.

Why CMLgroup GRCaaS?

The Need for Automation

Assessing compliance and risk to internal and external control requirements is mission critical. Non-compliance can lead to fines, disruption of operations, and other liabilities. Compliance involves assessment of controls, analysis and reporting of compliance, and management of identified gaps and issues. Each one of these steps has traditionally been a labor-intensive process built on paper documentation, spreadsheets, and hand-authored reports. These manual processes often resulted in poor process definition and data quality, long audit cycles, and error-prone issues closure. Automation of compliance tasks clearly helps reduce cost, improve data and process integrity, as well as enhanced agility and visibility across the enterprise.

The Challenge

Traditional IT-GRC solutions attempt to "boil the ocean" with infinitely configurable and complex workflows and assessment tools. The focus on complete end-to-end automation and real-time compliance has rendered these compliance solutions expensive, slow to set-up, and even more difficult to change. Stakeholders often have to resort to "out-of-band" manual processes to sidestep these rigid colossal systems.

CMLgroup Simplifies the Complex World of IT-GRC Automation

CMLgroup GRCaaS makes Governance, Risk, and Compliance automation easy. Automate many of the manually intensive tasks to save time and frustration. By strategically automating critical tasks, changes to your existing processes are minimized and allows you retain the agility to make adjustments as issues arise. CMLgroup GRCaaS aligns with your compliance process and leverages tools that you are already familiar with. It is quick to deploy, easy to master, and simple to change. People involvement is a critical aspect with any good IT-GRC process, so a truly functional automation platform augments and not replaces the "human touch".

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CMLgroup GRCaaS Features

Single Integrated Repository

CMLgroup GRCaaS contains a centralized repository for assessment questions and responses with a full audit trail. Audit gaps and resolutions are also stored in the integrated repository that is secure, always accessible, and easily searchable. No more digging and searching through folders and spreadsheets.

Assessment Based on Common Control Framework

CMLgroup GRCaaS Compliance leverages the common control library provided by IT-GRC Controls. CMLgroup GRCaaS enables organizations to consolidate assessment efforts across programs and remove redundancies. By intelligently mapping assessments to overlapping controls, CMLgroup GRCaaS allows an organization to use a single assessment result to evaluate and report compliance across multiple mandates.

Configurable Assessment Automation

CMLgroup GRCaaS allows organizations to customize assessments to meet each program's specific needs for data collection, control testing, certification, and attestation. The workflow engine automates assessment tasks such as notification, data collection, review, sign-off, and escalation.

Easy-to-Use Interface

CMLgroup GRCaaS provides both web based and spreadsheet based assessment interfaces. The web interface is accessible from anywhere without a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and works on mobile devices such as iPads, Android tablets, and smart phones. When network access is not available, users have the option of using a spreadsheet-based interface. Stakeholders collaborate easily using CMLgroup GRCaaS social collaboration features allowing users to raise issues, discuss ideas for mediation, evaluate options, or just follow discussion threads.

Report Automation

Typical report preparation takes up significant time and resources. Much effort is spent on laborious data preparation and presentation. CMLgroup GRCaaS provides powerful reporting engine to your fingertips. Reports and dashboards created quickly without any technical skills. It is okay if you have no idea what the terms "SQL Query", "Data Schema", and "Table Joint" mean.

Gap and Issues Management

The Compliance Process does not stop when the assessment phase is completed and the report is issued. Tracking and resolution of issues is an on-going activity. CMLgroup GRCaaS automates the life cycle management of compliance issues, including issues from both CMLgroup GRCaaS assessments and external sources. Action plans are tracked to capture remediation history so each issue can be monitored to ensure resolution.

Instant Collaboration

Collaborate instantly in context and get more done, in one single, secure environment that connects you to everything you need.

  • File sharing: access your files right in your browser. Share them securely with colleagues, teams, with a simple drag and drop.
  • Profiles: Find and follow peers and experts to expand your network and discover new and useful information. Identify their contribution to the overall solution.
  • Feeds: Monitor people, groups, and projects that are integral to the initiative in one spot. With real-time feeds, your teams will work together on fast-moving issues.
  • Workflow approvals: Approve business process from within your Chatter feed.

CMLgroup GRCaaS Mobile

Check your IT-Risk Management and Compliance reports and dashboards on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. CMLgroup GRCaaS Mobile supports advanced mobile app development and mobile apps let users explore information using touch and smart gestures use inputs like barcode, photos, GPS locations, compass directions, and accelerometers. With advanced mobile app development and mobile apps, transaction services support makes your analysis immediately actionable.

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CMLgroup GRCaaS Benefits

Turnkey enterprise IT-GRC Solution eliminates capital expenditures and cuts operating costs without sacrificing application power, performance, and customization.

Centralized location for managing Policies, Controls, Risks, Assessments, and Deficiencies.

Complete and detailed audit trail allowing key process and lifecycle events to be captured improving accountability and auditability.

Multiple roles, Risk Management, Compliance, Privacy, Information Security, Business Continuity, Vendors and Partners, and Audit seamlessly work together.

Comprehensive library policies, harmonized controls standards, procedures, and assessments are mapped to regulations for efficient compliance measuring and reporting.

Access real-time visualization of your organization's enterprise risk profile and compliance status.

Monitor and manage your IT-GRC reports and dashboards from your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, on demand.

Full support to manage third-party relationships, assess risk, and ensure compliance.

Easy integration with legacy environment with "point and click" migration tools that converts all Excel spreadsheets and data, as well as pre-existing IT-GRC application data, within hours.

No software to buy, install, or maintain and no IT infrastructure to design, build, or maintain.


IT-GRC Solutions Comparison Chart

  Typical IT-GRC Solution CMLgroup GRCaaS Solution
Deployment Time 6 to 12 months 3 to 6 weeks
Cost of Ownership $2 to $10 Million $10K to $50K
Reliability / Uptime Varies with Organization Exceeds 99.9%
IT Department Dependency High Low
Legal Department Dependency High Low
Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Requires CIO, CFO, CSO, and Legal Department involvement Included
Regulatory Updates Manual Process Automated
Demonstrate Compliance Requires team of experts to produce reports Automated
System Scalability Limited / Costly /
Lengthy Implementation
Unlimited / Low Cost /
Timely Implementation
HR Dependency High Low

About CMLgroup

CMLgroup has over 20 years of experience providing business and management consulting for Fortune 500 organizations, with state-of-the-art technology and systems, integrated to work with well-recognized common control frameworks. Our mission with all our engagements is to assist executives to Define, Measure, and Manage business performance to maximize return on their investment. Our experience encompasses assisting clients with creating enterprise Project Portfolio Management solutions, in the form of Project Management Offices and Enterprise Project Management programs, developing global IT-Risk Management and Compliance (IT-RMC) Scorecards for Fortune 500 financial institutions, and instrumenting IT-Governance Risk Compliance (IT-GRC) based solutions.

As client's needs evolved with market conditions, especially with Regulatory Compliance becoming a major driving force and sharing their frustrations with lengthy, costly, and inefficient IT-GRC solutions, CMLgroup embarked on developing an efficient, fast, and cost-effective solution. CMLgroup GRCaaS fulfills that need to support organizational Internal and Regulatory Compliance initiatives in a practical manner.

Our success is driven by the success of our clients. Here are a few we have worked with:

Creedit Suisse First Boston
Lucent Technologies
The New York Times
A&E Television Networks
United Health Group
Morgan Stanley
City University of New York
JP Morgan
Merrill Lynch
New York City Health and Hosptials Corporation
Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette
Thomson Reuters

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